August 2, 2018



Reflections: Intimate Portraits of Iconic African Americans

Terrence A. Reese (a.k.a. TAR) has created an unusual photographic exhibition. His portraiture features Americans of renown, not in traditional close-up poses, but in the density of their living space. His subjects’ mirrored images, set in their personal environments, give insight that reveals much about who they are. This black and white “photography-as-art” exhibit evolved from his published volume of the same name. The viewer has the amusing challenge to find the subject of each image. Some are more difficult to find than others, by design, but all are worth the effort.

Exhibit will be on display August 31 – November 30,2018

Black Royals

Queen Charlotte and Queen Philippa

An exciting exhibit that highlights two English queens whose ancestry traces back to William the Conqueror. Their lineage impacts royal houses of Europe, from Spain to Scandinavia; and extends to the leadership of the United States of America.

James Lewis Temple

Lewis Temple, Inventor

Born a slave in Richmond Virginia in October 1800, (James) Lewis Temple arrived in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1829. It is not known how he attained freedom, but leaving it behind, he became a blacksmith, an abolitionist and an inventor that revolutionized the whaling industry. His story is revealed in this exhibit.

The Good, The Bold, The Beautiful

The Good, The Bold, The Beautiful: Brazil. This exposition is art of the internationally acclaimed Afro-Brazilian artist, Ernani Silva

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The Women of NASA

In the 1950s, black women made critical contributions to NASA by performing calculations that made it possible for the nation's astronauts to fly into space and return safely to Earth. Discover their journey and story.

The Upstanders: Jennings, Jennings and Jennings

The Upstanders: Jennings, Jennings and Jennings is an exhibit about the Jennings family of New York. Father, mother and daughter are iconic figures whose contributions have been grossly ignored for decades. Their hidden history is, at last, uncovered, acknowledged. and greatly appreciated.